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"I was selling a home and I called Pest Brother for a second opinion on an inspection. I had originally used a local termite company that said my attic was "inaccessible" they quoted a ridiculous price to "fix" what they saw and cautioned me about "hidden damage". The guy that came out just came off as so insincere and I really started to question his honesty and decided to ask around and then called Pest Brothers. Mike came out and did a re inspection and amazingly was able to get to all the previously "inaccessible" areas. I was surprised that Mike actually found more termite damage and his price to fix it was considerably less than the first guy. Imagine, more work, less money and no threat of hidden surprises!

I would not hesitate to recommend Pest Brothers to anyone I know for all kinds of pest related problems. These guys are honest and hard working and charge a fair price. What more could you ask for?"
- John B.

"Ryan from Pest Brothers is great! We signed up for the monthly plan because we've gotten tired of the ants and spiders and he came out the very next day. We were getting ants coming inside the house and the first treatment didn't quite get them all but I let him know and he was actually available to come back to the house before we were even going to be available! He was very knowledgeable and courteous and he called to verify someone would be home and when would work best for us. He went around the entire house and inspected possible entry points and suggested fixes. He's also very understanding if something does come up, I just text him and reschedule. We will continue to use him on a monthly basis and I highly recommend him!!!"
- Brian L.

"We have used Pest brothers multiple times and I have nothing but good things to say. Ryan totally got rid of our ant infestation and Mike was very quick to get rid of our swallow issue. Not only were they quick and thorough but they bid well under some of their competitors!"
- Garret G.

"When we moved into our home a year ago, we had a serious ant problem. They were everywhere. We literally could not leave a crumb out because guaranteed that by morning we would have an army of ants all over the kitchen counters. They invaded the dogs food, and when we found them in the microwave and nuked them, thinking this would positively kill them,,,, no.... they just came back supercharged. It was so frustrating. I called several pest controls companies and after a recommendation and speaking with Ryan, we could tell he was very knowledgeable and very fair. He was quick to give us a estimate and even quicker to eliminate the problem, After he came, we did not see one ant since then. Why did it take us so long to call him!!! So we recently discovered we had a a worse problem. We had mice and RATS.. The rodents were living under the house and found their way inside... YIKES AND GROSS..

We called Ryan at Pest Brothers. Not only do they do ants, they took care of the rodent problem as well. They found where they were getting in and secured the area and took care of the problem outside. They were quick, professional and we would absolutely definitely recommend them. They are fair in price, and quick to answer and address your problems. He is definitely the man to call if you are having any pest control issues. Thank you Ryan & Mike for a job well done."
- Maria L.

"Ryan & Pest Brothers is amazing! I found my new go to pest control guys! Very professional! He got the job done quickly and there have been no further ant issues! Highly recommended!!"
- Melissa A.

"They eliminated my ant problem. Not much more you could ask for. The owner was a solid dude. He sprayed the exterior of the house first, but the ants continued to come. At no extra cost he supplied four terro traps that did the trick. I would definitely use pest bros again in the future."
- Nick P.

"I hired Pest Brothers to first take care of spiders in my backyard a few months ago. Then I sold my house and had them tent the home. They were quick, efficient and nice guys. They will be working on my new house in the next few months also.

I also own a restaurant and we used Ecolab for all preventative measures. They were not doing red hot so I brought Pest Brothers in. They are thorough, attentive and have assured me they can be there within 12 hours if anything should happen. Off to a great start and should have written this earlier!"
- Clint G.

"You never want to admit that you have a pest issue. But suck it up, lady, because those pesky bastards aren't going away on their own. Pest Brothers to the rescue!

I could gush and emote and rave for days, but instead, I'll just say that Ryan brought peace to my life in a situation where I thought there was none. We had a rat in the garage and it caused me no small amount of stress- Ryan showed up, laid out the plan of attack, and fixed my problem within a week. He is singlehandedly responsible for taking my disgust level down about 53 notches. I am more than grateful.

If you're in need of someone that is communicative, responsive, friendly, and effective, you need look no further. This was as 5-star an experience as they come. Thanks, Ryan!"
- Miranda N.

"I am always impressed with the quality of service from Ryan and Pest Brothers! I always support a small local company and these guys exemplify customer service and customer satisfaction. I will never waste my time with others. I highly recommend to everyone I know."
- Shelley S.

"These guys did the wood work for my subterranean termites. They were professional, honest and hard working. They even did a little extra work without extra pay. They offered to help me find a good roofer because of some dry rot. Many people would not have cared enough to help me. I would recommend them."
- Mike Z.